Wednesday, December 29, 2010
Sunday, August 22, 2010
Tomorrow is my first day of school for Fall semester, 2010. I don't know should I feeling ok because finally got thing to do or not really. During Summer, I'm having rough times regard personal issues which really put me down so bad. Once I done my final summer class, I was heading to NEw York and DC for travel, at the same time to let myself relief those pain that I was having. I doesn't want to said much here because I hate to mentioning again what was going on. Anyway, new semester mean new things to do. I wish day after day, I could moving on and let him go.
Wednesday, July 7, 2010
It was been awhile I never update my blog (obviously) because I was busy with my homework. Once I have free time, i will put my time on other entertainment. Yes, if we looking back the previous blog, it was before summer. Now having summer class, another two more days, this session of summer classes will be done. But this doesn't mean i could sleep and do nothing. Monday the second session of summer class start. It was 7.30am class, yes it is suck.
Anyway, get going to get done my assignments.
Update soon.
Ciao !
Thursday, May 6, 2010

In St.Cloud, not much fruits you could find in market. From January to December, apples, oranges, grape, strawberry were always put on the shelf; it was so difficult to get tropical fruits, they did have some such as bananas, mangoes, melon.
Sometimes, if lucky might able to buy cheap strawberry , maybe around $2.50 per box. If not, normally would cost $2.50 per pound. This box of strawberry were the largest strawberry i ever eat. It was not as sour as lemon (like Malaysia's strawberry). Usually i was sharing fruits with Popeye (smile).
During Summer,there is a strawberry garden in St.Cloud open, and anyone could go there to pick strawberries. The strawberries will be cost according how much you will pick. I never been there, but they said it was cheap, so i hope this summer have opportunity to go and try it.

i'm back

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

when i read back my previous blog, it was like three months ago. Yes, at that time my homework doesn't as busy as right now. After February, things get so rough. I don't even have time want to go out for socialize. I used to take a break during Thurday evening, that mean no homework day for me. But i will start doing my homework on weekend. Ok, what should i talk about now.hmmm, girl scout cookies then.
Every semester, the girl scout will start selling cookies everywhere, you could find it at our campus. They rent a small spot and then start selling it. My favor cookies was the thin mint favor. This cookies drove me crazy, because i could finished it within a day. Well, actually they said the cookies is cut down the amount, which is smaller than they used to. Oh ya, it is expensive too, $3.50 per box! so the girl scout is rich, actually. I heard about girl scout cookies from television, the girls knocked door by door to sell it. Since i came to United States, i see the real girl scout selling cookies. Those profit will be put in their girl scout foundation, like for their events. From the box, it said: selling the cookies is to train the girl scout know to manage money, leadership, and blah blah blah. Most of the time, their mother is accompanied the girls to sell cookies. I remember when i was young, our elementary school used to give away the donation card, so we could go to collect donations, but i really hate to do that because we never find out where are the actual donations gone, are they really for infrastructure the school buildings? no idea about that.
If you want to talk about volunteering. United States is where we can learn from. They highly involve of volunteer to help the community, and the number of volunteer participating is very high. In here, they rather donate can foods, books and some new stationary for the people in need and which i agree they do that. Because if people donate money, the chances of money get lost or fell to someone else is high. So was my cultural sharing scholarship requirement. In order to fulfilling the cultural hour, there is a list of activities could count as part of our scholarship activities. Most of them are involve volunteer, for example: help out prepare meals for the cultural night, help clean out the stadium and so on.
Anyway, the cookies was so good, unfortunately it was only could find from the girl scout.
Thursday, January 14, 2010
In American here, pets could consider have rights like a human. Not only can find many animal hospitals, they have insurance for pets, of cause no forget the products for pet. I'm don't own any dog but a small pet, so per month my expenses actually is not much, probably average cost about $10 for foods and litter box. Popeye have long fur, and rabbit use to shedding three times per year/ per season (depend). So i bought her this cat comb, which she really like it alot! you can tell if you look at this picture. I bought for her the comb for two days, and she already showed me she really loving it but left her chewing mark. During rabbit shedding period, i have to helping her combing her hair because rabbit do not has digestive system same as cat, which a cat can vomit out the hair when they cleaning them self. If do not help the rabbit clean up her shedding fur, it could cause her 'hairball", a digestive system problems. If thing turn out to be serious, can causes death.
However, in American actually has a lot of abandon pets. Many people want to own a pet when they find it is cute but they never think about how much time they need to put, and how much responsibility they need to carry. One thing i like about America is, they have non-profit organization to help those animals. Let say if you left your dog inside the car during a hot weather or cold weather, some people see it and report to the police, you can find guilty for that. But in my home place, the dead dogs and cats can be found on the road. Things that bothering me a lot is, people breeding as many pets as they could, then they sell it or put it into a pot. I really against that. Or some people even beat and kill the pets without any reason.

great work, Popeye!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Having a pet is fun and feel not lonely, however it sometimes can makes you mad especially they act naughty, just like my beloved bunny Popeye. She left lot of her appreciate gifts to me, such as chewing the carpet, notes, wall. Now, one of my belt is already separate into half. I try so many method to saving it because this belt really match my current body figure (ooops...). Sometimes, i even have to figure out how to paint the wall back so it will not seem by the landlord, how to fix the chewed carpet and re-color it.